Sleep Dentistry

Our sleep dentistry services in Perth allow you to take care of your dental health without any of the stress. Read on to learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you.

Dental anxiety is a very real issue that affects up to 75% of the population. This is most likely due to a past traumatic experience in the dentist’s chair, or the perception that dental work is perceived as invasive and painful.

Because dental health is so important, professional have come up with ways to help patients deal with their dental anxiety. Sleep dentistry is an advancement in the field, helping make your next appointment a stress-free one.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep or sedation dentistry is when a sedative is used to help you relax before any dental work is done. Not only does this enable you to feel comfortable and at ease, but it allows your dentist to work much faster, which means you spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Sedation can be through oral medication or an IV medication administered by a qualified anaesthesist. Depending on the type of procedure and your anxiety level, we at Dentist in Perth can offer different levels of sedation. We have fully-trained and compassionate dentists who can take care of all of your dental needs while you’re sedated.

Who can benefit from sleep dentistry?

Anyone can einquire about our sleep dentistry services in Perth. If you experience nervousness or anxiety when you have an upcoming dental procedure, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a painless and stress-free experience at Dentist in Perth.

Sleep dentistry is best for people with dental phobia, sensitive gums, a gag reflex, or nervous system disorders. Make sure you consult with one of our dentists, who can assess if sleep dentistry will be a safe option for you.

Rid yourself of dental anxiety: the benefits of sleep dentistry


If going to the dentist normally triggers fear and anxiety, sleep dentistry can help you relax for whatever treatment you have scheduled. Once the procedure is done, you will feel calm and well-rested – and less stressed about your next appointment.


If getting out of the dentist’s office as quickly as possible is your goal, then sleep dentistry is for you. Because you’re calm and sedated, our skilled dentists can finish the procedure quickly and precisely. You could also get multiple treatments done in the same session without getting angsty.


Dental procedures can range from mildly uncomfortable to outright traumatic for some patients. Sleep dentistry allows us to take care of your teeth without causing you any pain. Depending on the level of sedation, you might even leave the dentist’s office with minimal recollection of the dental procedure. This means no more bad memories of the dentist ever again.

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