Costs Of Dental Implants

Dentists in Perth offers a customised and treatment planned protocol for every patient. No two patients are alike and neither are the costs.

The total cost depends on factors such as the number of teeth needing replacement, location, number of implants and type of implants, bone grafting procedures, whether a temporary crown or bridge is required during the healing process and many more factors. The costs therefore vary accordingly.

At dentists in Perth you will be evaluated by an experienced dentist to ensure you are getting an accurate cost estimate for the treatment.

The long term affordability of dental implants will surprise you. At first glance a bridge option or a denture can appear much less expensive than dental implants. With time bridges and dentures have a much higher cost as they require replacement every 5- 10 years and ongoing maintenance. If you then factor in quality of life and long term oral health, dental implants surpass the alternative procedures and rank much higher in value.

Do not be fooled by someone giving you a price over the phone without an examination. Let the team at dentist in Perth give you a cost for the quality treatment you require.