Benefits Of Dental Implants


We are very proud at dentist in Perth to have helped hundreds of patients improve their quality of life after wearing dentures for many years. Missing teeth are associated with nutritional problems, negative influence on personal self confidence and social interaction.

  1. Feel and look fantastic with dental implants:
    Dental implants will feel, look and function like natural teeth. You can clean them like your natural teeth. If you have been wearing dentures for many years then have the denture fixed onto implants. No more slipping and sliding.
  2. Implants are predictable:
    If you care for your dental implant crown, implant bridge or implant supported denture as you would with your natural teeth they can last for many decades. Other types of conventional treatments such as dental bridges and dentures require replacement often after 5-10 years. Long term financial benefit is far better with implant treatment.
  3. . Implants maintain facial proportions:
    Spaces which are left due to missing teeth can lead to bone loss or deterioration of the jawbone. Dental implants will prevent bone loss and can stimulate bone growth unlike other forms of replacement treatments.
  4. Implants protect healthy teeth:
    Often conventional crown and bridge treatments require grinding down adjacent teeth to attach a crown or bridge.If one or more missing teeth require replacement our team at dentists in Perth will provide a dental implant solution to preserve your healthy dentition and match implant supported teeth to your natural teeth.